The candidate for national deputy for the City of Buenos Aires of the Frente de Izquierda Unidad, Myriam Bregman, celebrated the results in STEP that obtained the space that will compete to arrive at the National Congress in the generals of next November. In radio statements, the leader assured that yesterday’s was the best result achieved by the Frente de Izquierda y los Trabajadores (FIT) in primary elections.

At the end of this note and with almost 100% of the polling stations in the Federal Capital scrutinized, the Frente de Izquierda Unidad added the 6.23% of the total votes thanks to the support of almost 109 thousand people at the polls. Of that total, 86.22% (93,742 votes) went to the list “Unity of the Left”, led by Bregman, who beat “Let’s revolutionize the Left”, the inmate headed by Cele Fierro, which harvested 13.77%.

Bregman: “We show that there is a force that grows from below”

After learning of his triumph in the internal field, Bregman celebrated the general results of the space and maintained that “despite the neglect of many, who bet with everything on the growth of the right, we show that there is a force that grows from below. “

In the province of Buenos Aires, the space garnered 5.1% of votes and was positioned in third place, after Juntos and Frente de Todos and surpassing José Luis Espert and Florencio Randazzo. Along these lines, Bregman was hopeful: “We are very close to achieving the objective of having this force express itself in Congress.”

An “impressive” choice of the Left

In tune with what was a surprise night for several of the spaces that competed in the PASO this Sunday, the Left also had a remarkable performance which positioned it as a competitive space.

Regarding this, in radio statements, the candidate for national deputy for the Federal Capital stated that the space had “An impressive choice” since “everything was done by lung, from below”. In relation to that, Bregman recalled that during previous elections “they did not talk about the left” and that, even, “sometimes they did not even put us in the polls.”

Milei, Espert and the FIT seek to be the third force of the elections

With the result that took the space, Bregman will compete in the general elections next November to get a place in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation. “The left has to be in the National Congress and in the Legislature (of the city)”, he stated.

Asked about the performance of the space against right-wing spaces, the leader said that she was not surprised by results such as that of Javier Milei since “with the inflator that they applied it was within the expected”. On the contrary, he considered: “The surprise of the election is the left because everything was bet on the right.”

At the end of the day, he published a message on his Twitter in which he analyzed the result of Juntos in yesterday’s elections. “Together it comes off a sector that is radicalized by the right, like Vox to the PP in Spain “, he compared.


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