Stefanie Giesinger talks about “strong suicidal thoughts” and her way out of depression

Stefanie Giesinger became known in 2014 after winning “Germany’s Next Top Model”. Today she works as a model all over the world, is a brand ambassador for “Nike” and “Mercedes” and has her own fashion brand “nu-in”. In her private life, things have been anything but easy for the 24-year-old in recent years.

The model has been suffering from depression and insomnia for a long time and is very open about it. With the “Glamour” magazine, the 24-year-old has now spoken about these difficult phases in her life. “I haven’t slept properly for weeks, dragged myself to jobs, cried on the plane, train or car and still stood smiling in front of the camera,” says Stefanie. She also says: “It went well until I couldn’t get out of bed and had strong suicidal thoughts.” The entrepreneur then got help. “People around me supported me to visit a psychologist again, who prescribed me antidepressants and carried out therapy with me.”

But the influencer also had to work a lot with herself to get her mental health back under control: “I pay attention to my thoughts, get enough sleep, speak openly about my fears and have started to get to know myself,” she says in the same Interview. The model still gets support today: “I still have a great therapist that I can speak to spontaneously via video calling, which totally helps me not to panic anymore when I’m having a bad day.”

In addition to her depression, the model also struggled with sleep disorders for a long time. Stefanie has now found a way to deal with that too: “I have learned that my body always needs something else to relax. Sometimes it’s stretching in the evening or a guided meditation.” She continued: “What helps me most is listening to a story that silences my own train of thought a little.”



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