Stefania Sandrelli: films, children, partner, age, daughter’s illness

The girl from Viareggio … The definition is yours, by Stefania Sandrelli. He gave it to me during an interview at the Locarno Film Festival a few years ago. The most unstoppable woman / diva / actress I have ever met. The most Tuscan, according to the regional character.

Stefania Sandrelli was born in viareggio on 5 June 1946. Her “myth” was born in 1961: at 15 she was the protagonist of 6 films. Youth at night, The federal and, above all, Italian-style divorce with Marcello Mastroianni (photo). Getty photo

I confess that sometimes I listen to it again, the recording of that meeting. For myself, Stefania Sandrelli is a beautiful and cosmopolitan “Tuscan” who has lived a lot, a lot. On June 5 he turns 75. Which, as the most qualifying adjective, he chose: “Fortunata”.

Stefania Sandrelli: 75 wonderful, beautiful years

Who knows what the cake will be like this year. In the gallery above there is the one of the 70th birthday. Celebrated at the Jackie ‘O, the night club of the Dolce Vita in Rome. Today perhaps the candles will blow out with her partner Giovanni Soldati (with her below), her children, her 6 grandchildren …

On the screen we have recently seen it in She still talks to me. His new latest film has a gorgeous title: Sadness is a light sleeper... I would like to ask you if it is true … But then I think that the term / concept / subject in your existential lexicon does not harbor …

The woman-symbol

Stefania Sandrelli was everything. That’s all. He wanted it all. She took it all. It is not for nothing that Gabriele Muccino wanted her and turned her into the role of a very Italian mother. In At home everyone is fine and before that in The last Kiss: mother of all the new Italian cinema (the cast …) in the first case, by Giovanna Mezzogiorno in the second …

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And there is also The first beautiful Thing, the film by Paolo Virzì with Micaela Ramazzotti as a young woman. On screen, but also as inspiration …

How many things Stefania Sandrelli has done and will still do. What he saw, experienced … Almost 140 films (for cinema, TV, long and short) as an actress with all but all the greats of Italian cinema and one also as a director.

Stefania Sandrelli and her daughter Amanda: the disease and the sets, all together

The first partner was Gino Paoli. Loved at 16. From which he had Amanda, who has always had his mother’s surname. Had when she was still a minor. Life and set companion, when the girl grew up and followed in his footsteps.

stefania sandrelli

In 2005 when she received the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Film Festival: with her, her daughter Amanda. IPA photo

They went through difficult times together, like Amanda’s illness. Breast cancer discovered in 2009. At first, she confessed recently, she hadn’t told her parents. Then, with his mother at his side and the care he overcame. Amanda is the protagonist of Christine Cristina, just the first film as a director of mother Stefania

Stefania’s loves and men: in reality and in fiction

After Gino Paoli came the surgeon / playboy Niki Pende: Vito’s father (photo below), her husband from 1972 to ’76. Left for Gerard Depardieu, they say … Since 1983 she has had a partner who has been by her side for years, Giovanni Soldati … He said: “We didn’t get married partly due to lack of time, partly due to superstition”.

Kisses on the set

On the set he kissed Marcello Mastroianni and Dustin Hoffman. He starred with Robert De Niro and Gerard Depardieu in Twentieth century of his other “love” Bernardo Bertolucci. She remained locked in the elevator, in a bikini, with the priest Alberto Sordi (in Those strange occasions).

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He had long and short hair, straight and curly, brown and blond and even red … It was the first (real) Lolita of Italian cinema, in a bathing suit alongside Marcello Mastroianni in Italian divorce.

stefania sandrelli

Beautiful in 1978. Photo Getty

The sexy / intellectual icon (and the friend-muse) for Bernardo Bertolucci. As famous in France as Bellucci will be. She went from Italian comedy to The key at Tinto Brass.

The beginnings

The first movie is called Youth at night. He came out in 1961, when he was 15 years old. She had just arrived from Viareggio, with her beloved musician brother and who left her too soon. Dad had died she was 8 years old. She was beautiful, already in Versilia: a Miss, very photographed on the beach, just like in the flashbacks of The first beautiful Thing

The first “real” movie is The federal by Luciano Salce, with Ugo Tognazzi. Then it comes Italian divorce. The year is always 1961. Since then it has never stopped.

stefania sandrelli

I knew her well (1965). See it with We Loved Each Other So Much (1974). Getty photo

The new film and the awards

The new film, at the moment, is precisely Sadness is a light sleeper… It is not true that he made the history of Italian cinema. She is the history of Italian cinema. And ours… They gave her a Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, 3 David di Donatello, 6 Silver Ribbons.

Look for it in Divorce in the Italian style, Seduced and abandoned, I knew her well, Brancaleone at the Crusades, We loved each other so much, Twentieth century (trailer above), The family, The little devil, Mignon is gone, The last kiss, The first beautiful thing

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Happy birthday to our eternal girl from Viareggio …


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