Statistical review 2021-2022: Orlando Magic

Record: 22-60, 15th in the Eastern Conference
Offensive Rating : 104.5 points marqus sur 100 possessions (30me)
Defensive Rating: 112.5 points conceded on 100 possessions (17th)
Net Rating : -8.0 (27me)
Pace : 99.2 (10me)
Biggest winning streak: 2 four times
Biggest losing streak: 10 (from December 23 to January 12)
Number of players used: 22
Points : 104.2 points (29me)
Rebounds: 44.3 rebounds (13th)
Passes : 23.7 assists (19me)
Interceptions : 6.8 steals (28me)
Contres : 4.5 blocks (19me)
Address : 43.4% (28me)
Address 3 points: 33.1% (28th)
Address to LFs: 78.7% (10th)

Franz Wagner 38 Magic vs Bucks 28/12/2021
Terrence Ross 33 Celtics vs Magic 02/01/2022
Cole Anthony 33 Kings vs Magic 08/12/2021
Cole Anthony 33 Magic vs Jazz 07/11/2021
I am Bamba 32 Sixers vs Magic 19/01/2022
Terrence Ross 32 Magic vs Wizards 09/01/2022

In the rookie section, we were waiting Jalen Suggsfifth pick of the 2021 draft. But, quickly, Franz Wagner stole the show. More consistent in scoring than the former Gonzaga guard, the German quickly found his cruising speed with 28 points in early November in a victory against Minnesota. He puts the cover back in late December with 38 units against the Bucks. A record for the tank of rookies before this mark was beaten by Jalen Green at the very end of the season. On the strength of these performances, Wagner won the trophy of Rookie of the Month in December. Versatile, he does not forget to score as long as he is left free. He even finished at the top of his class in the number of points scored over the last campaign with 1197. Where some rookies have more than suspicious percentages, Wagner, he settled the test in the first season with 46.8% success and 86.3% in throws. The proof, during his career high 38 points, the German shot 12/20 including 4/8 from behind the arc and an impeccable 10/10 on the penalty line… the first Magic rookie since Dennis Scott in 1991 compile 30+ points while shooting 50/50/100!

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Wendell Carter Jr 18 Magic vs Pacers 02/03/2022
Wendell Carter Jr 18 Pacers vs Magic 02/02/2022
I am Bamba 18 Raptors vs Magic 29/10/2021
I am Bamba 17 Sixers vs Magic 29/11/2021
I am Bamba 17 Magic vs Wizards 13/11/2021

The new coach Jamahl Mosley decided to play big last season by lining up in his 5 major Wendell Carter Jr (2m08) et I am Bamba (2m13). The combination of picks 6 and 7 from the 2018 draft allowed the Magic to rank 13th in rebounding with 18.6 cumulative catches by the inside pair. Offset at position 4, Carter Jr beat his career standards in scoring, rebounding and passing, while showing progress on his long-range shot: 32.7% on 3.5 attempts per game. The former Bull finished the season in a cannonball, turning in 19.6 points and 11.6 rebounds after the All Star Break. A machine that has accumulated 33 double doubles in 62 games. On February 2, he hit his personal best with 18 rebounds in a narrow victory over the Pacers 119-118.

Markelle Fultz 15 Magic vs Heat 10/04/2022
Cole Anthony 11 Thunder vs Magic 23/03/2022
Markelle Fultz 11 Magic vs Sixers 13/03/2022
Cole Anthony 11 Magic vs Clippers 26/01/2022
Cole Anthony 11 Magic vs Pelicans 23/12/2021
Robin Lopez 11 Hawks vs Magic 22/12/2021
Cole Anthony 11 Hawks vs Magic 15/11/2021

Touched to the cruciate ligaments of the knee in early January 2021, Markelle Fultz took his time to return to the competition. Launched in the deep end in March 2022, the former First Pick 2017 was of course under minute restrictions. A playing time is limited to twenty minutes over only 18 games. A short sample, but sufficient, to realize that the leader of the Magic had regained his speed on transition play and his ability to sneak up to the circle. Taken over 36 minutes, his statistics speak for themselves: 19.5 points, 4.9 rebounds and 9.9 assists. Without really posting one in the workforce, Fultz took on a large part of the creation on his return. With more playing time in the last game of the season, he took the opportunity to break his career passing record with 15 offerings. In the table, we can note the surprising presence of Robin Lopezwho pulverized his career high passing with 11 assists, his previous record of 6!

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No triple-doubles to report on Orlando’s side last season. The closest to this performance is Cole Anthony who fails only two assists in a surprise victory at Madison Square Garden: 29 points, 16 rebounds and 8 assists. The sophomore had attacked the season with a bang with 20.0 points, 6.0 rebounds and 5.8 assists in 2021, before plunging in the following months, especially in terms of his shooting success.



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