Because a severe flu epidemic is expected this year, a flu shot for children should help relieve the burden of care, the experts say. The idea is that children can infect less elderly people. In Great Britain, children are already being vaccinated against the flu en masse.


But the caretaker cabinet is not in favor of that for the time being. “We are reluctant to do so,” said a spokesman for State Secretary Paul Blokhuis. The cabinet follows the advice of the Health Council in this regard. “We recently asked the experts for advice on this. Then they were advised not to do that. That advice is less than two months old.”

Blokhuis is ‘still considering’ whether he will request a new advice.

Call for the shot

About 4 million people get the flu shot every year. “We call on everyone who receives an invitation to come,” said the spokesperson.

This year, in addition to people over sixty and people with compromised health, pregnant women and people with obesity (a BMI of 40 or higher) were also invited for the jab. Starting next year, the new groups will receive a call from their GP, but those who want to can already get a shot.

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