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You often feel powerless against bullying, but even a “hello” can be encouraging. This is what the # SayHi campaign is about, in which children from Europe stand up against exclusion and for friendship. Singer Stefanie Heinzmann is also there.

Every tenth child in Switzerland is affected by bullying. The SRF, as part of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), is campaigning against this with the #SayHi campaign. The message: A simple “hello” can make others feel good and be the beginning of a friendship.

Music and movement also connect people. That is why the anthem of the # SayHi campaign is the song «Dynamit». Stefanie Heinzmann sings the song in the Valais dialect for Switzerland. The singer herself was bullyed as a teenager, so this action is an affair of the heart for her. Together with 80 school children she rehearsed the dance to the song and shot a music video that is also available in sign language.

Participate with your own school class

Am Friday 19th November 2021 Thousands of children from many European countries dance against bullying and exclusion. Until on 12. November Children and school classes from Switzerland can send in their own dance videos here. The result is a second music video for the song “Dynamit”. The instructions for dancing can be found in this video.

#SayHi for the first time in Switzerland

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Stefanie Heinzmann sings the Swiss version of the # SayHi song «Dynamit».


In Norway, the campaign against exclusion started a few years ago. The annual campaign was very well received and quickly grew beyond national borders. The same song is translated into the national language at #SayHi.

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