Starfield: 15 Beginner Tips for Bethesda's Space Adventure

Starfield: 15 Beginner Tips for Bethesda's Space Adventure

Starfield will be available in early access on September 1. Whether you start your adventure on day one or wait for the Xbox Game Pass launch on September 6, here are some tips we’ve learned from our game so you’re well-prepared. The guide, of course, does not have spoilers.

Make yourself the character that you like the most

It seems silly, but it is not: the background of the character we choose at the beginning of the game does not have a particular influence on the development of the story. Choosing a Gangster will not cause us problems when collaborating with the authorities; Choosing a character with attributes in Engineering will not prevent us, for example, from improving our weapon skills if we want to do so later. Almost all the impact of our class will be small dialogues with little impact on the game and, yes, it will decide the three skills that will start being unlocked for our character. If you are not satisfied with the attributes you have chosen, you can remove them later in the in-game clinics; If you miss having chosen an initial ability, you can unlock it as soon as you level up, so just choose what you like or what sounds best to you.

Unlock Jetpack Early

The ability that is vital is being able to use the jetpack, which is not unlocked by default unless you choose the Bounty Hunter and Soldier backgrounds. In general, the jetpack is very useful to move around, so we recommend unlocking it as soon as possible. We have a guide in which we explain how to do it.

The Persuasion ability is broken (in a good way)

If you level up the Persuasion skill you have a good chance of getting away with certain situations that involve convincing someone to help you or give you an item. When you choose a persuasion option, a minigame will open in which you can choose different dialogue options to try to pressure the character in question, and if you have listened a bit to their phrases and their responses, it will be easy for you to find the answers. Also, alcoholic beverages and certain costumes will raise your skill, making life even easier.

If he doesn’t want to give it to you, steal it

The AI ​​of the Starfield NPCs isn’t particularly smart, and especially when it comes to stealing whatever they’re carrying. Crouching down and getting behind any character we can see his inventory and take what we want from there. If we raise the steal ability from the beginning of the game we can get success rates of up to 80% if we are not being detected. The trick is that unlike what happens, for example, in Elder Scrolls or Fallout, the fact that other characters are watching us does not make the game perceive us as “detected”. As long as the character we’re trying to steal isn’t looking directly at us, we can take whatever we want with no problem.

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Faction missions are better than the main plot

The plot of the main mission is much less interesting than the missions of the different factions, such as the United Colonies, the Freestar Collective, the Crimson Fleet or the Ryujin Corporation are much more varied and interesting. We recommend taking your time to explore the different secondaries and possibilities. The plot of the Crimson Fleet is especially striking, which includes infiltration missions, persuasion missions, naval battles and various surprises, and also allows us to obtain a free ship.

But following the main quest is the best way to find inhabited planets

Although the main mission is less exciting, as I already pointed out in the analysis, it is the game’s excuse to show us the main locations where the secondary missions and most of the plots take place. We recommend that you follow the main quest until you reach the city of Neon, and then give yourself time to think about the rest.

Save soon to buy a better ship

To finish the game you will need a spaceship that can travel at least 20 light years away. So that you don’t get caught by the bull, it is important that you save a little money from the beginning of the game to buy a better ship later. The ships that allow you to finish the main mission cost between 80,000 and 120,000 credits, so it’s no small task.

Ship repair parts go in the hold, not in your inventory

For spaceship combat, a specific item will be important, the Ship Parts, which you can buy in general stores or find in some enemy installations and will allow you to restore the health of your hull when the enemy rays have penetrated the shield. It is important to know, however, that in order to use them in combat by pressing the RS button, they will have to be located not in your own inventory, but in the ship’s inventory. Otherwise, you will not be able to access them.

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You can sell and craft from the inventory the ship itself

Speaking of the ship’s inventory – which you can access through a small panel that says “Cargo” next to the ship’s captain’s seat -, in the shops in the different cities you are in you can sell items from the own warehouse of this one, without needing to put the objects inside your inventory. So you can store everything you need there and not carry it from here to there. In a similar way, in the work tables you will be able to use not only the resources that you carry with you but all those that are in your ship. Resources take up a lot of inventory space, so don’t forget to leave everything there when you get close to the limit.

In the basement of La Logia you can find all the crafting tables

As for the crafting tables, you can find them scattered around the map and in the different locations that you register on the planets and in some missions. You can also put them in the posts you create. But if you need something specific and don’t know where to go, the basement of La Logia, Constellation’s base of operations that you will visit countless times during the main story, has a table of each type: weapons, suits, pharmacology, kitchen… To access it, enter through the door of the Lodge in Nueva Atlántida and turn down the corridor that is just to the right.

Buy first, and then sell what you need

This will sound familiar to those of you who have played Bethesda games, but in-game vendors have limited credits to purchase the items in your inventory. Selling items is very important to get money in the game, and the sellers that you meet many times will only have 4000 or 5000 for you. To streamline the process, first buy what you need from them to increase the money they have in inventory, then get it back by selling what you don’t want and find by exploring.

Don’t be weighed down by the rewards on your head

If we are caught stealing, tampering with a lock or shooting the wrong people, the faction operating on the planet we are on will place a bounty on our head. Many of the human settlements and cities in Starfield have terminals that will allow you to pay the bounties on you to get them off your back, so don’t get bogged down dealing with the bounty hunting factions. Also, if you are landing on a planet inhabited by a faction that has loot placed on your head, you will be detected on the scanner before you land and you can choose to pay for it and even bribe the guard not to search your inventory for items. stolen.

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Almost all illnesses pass over time.

The burns, poisoning, dislocated limbs and other problems that may arise while exploring the different planets of Starfield sound alarming at first, but you will soon discover that they are not very important. You’ll find plenty of items that will allow you to heal them – and you can even remove them all at clinics in the big cities for as little as 500 credits – but if you don’t have the time or money for any of this, the vast majority of them will heal themselves over time.

You can change your appearance from the clinics

The look you choose for your character at the beginning of Starfield is not final: as soon as you reach Cydonia, the first major city you will encounter in the game, you will be able to access a clinic where you will be allowed to access the character creator again and change it. You can do it as many times as you want in the game.

Save before the end of the game, because the New Game+ will erase the progress of many missions

Without going into spoilers, the New Game+ mode will make us start the game from the beginning. We’ll keep our character from the previous game and unlocked abilities, but we’ll lose progress on any side quests we’ve left halfway through, so make sure you’ve got everything tied up before the final quest of the game. I would recommend saving the game before making the final decision – it’s reasonably obvious what it is when it’s proposed to us – and deciding whether we want the New Game or continue with our previous game.

Have fun playing Starfield!

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