Starbucks lawyers ask local coffee shop to remove word ‘frapuccino’

A law firm that claimed to represent the company Starbucks delivery to a local cafeteria in the municipality of mouth of the riverconurbation area of ​​the port of Veracruz, a letter to demand the withdrawal of the name of a drink.

The owners of Antonitte Cafe received the letter to notify them that the company owns the rights to the name “FRAPPUCCINO”, for which they should remove it from their menu.

“The Starbucks company asks us to remove the name of FRAPPUCCINO from our MENU. As you can see we only use it for one thing, like FRAPUCCINO, to refer to the ‘coffee frappe’ but we will change it without problems”, announced the local located in the Jardines de Virginia subdivision.

The office C&L Attorneys Intelectual Property Boutique He warned that Starbucks registered this brand since 1994 in the United States and that since 2002 it has been used on a daily basis in Mexico.

In such a way that they indicated that the name “FRAPPUCCINO”, and all its derivations belong to Starbucks, for which they ordered to stop using it.

The local café specified that the letter was dated February 14 of this year, but they have just received it.

“Since we are local, we really do not want to have problems with such a large company for the use of a word. But since it is a legal procedure, we have to pay attention and remove it and we cannot use any variation or reference either,” said the local company. .

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