Since the original kickstarter I download the game once a year to see how it runs and what to do. The gameplay loops are very thin, but they are there.

Last six months I left the game on my computer for the first time to play a bit now and then. I like to do some bounty hunting myself. You can level up reputation, and eventually you get bounties for Hammerheads (capital gunship). Also took me 45 minutes in my little fighter, so I wouldn’t want to do that nonstop, but it felt really good to take out a Goliath like some kind of David.

As far as I know, the gameloop for miners is also quite elaborated and there are people who do that nonstop. Scan stones, mine (with the “mini-game” that comes with it), and then refine. Doesn’t sound like my thing, but it’s something I plan to try out soon. Also, I often see people who play as haulers.

In addition, a few questlines have already been implemented as prototypes, for both lawful as unlawful people. They aren’t very long, and are limited by the gameplay elements currently in the game, but they do give an idea of ​​what they are building towards.

For the $40 I put into the game with the kickstarter, I’m very happy with what I’ve been able to do so far. Especially the periodic events where you can play with the entire server (max 50 at the moment) are super cool. With the aUAC (credits) you earn from everything you can buy new ships, so I flew around in a “$200” fighter until last month’s wipe, because you can just buy ships in-game.

All in all, at the moment it’s mostly a sandbox MMO where you have to set a goal for yourself to enjoy yourself in it, and personally I’ve already spent more time on this game than on other games I’ve had for a similar game. price bought on steam.

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