Stamsried near Cham: Mesner urgently wanted – Bavaria

There is a safe job available in Cham that nobody wants to do. Candidates who applied at the first attempt backed out at the last moment.

Who knows, maybe the story with the devil in the church tower got around in the area. With legends and anecdotes from the community of Stamsried in the district of Cham, Johann Oswald, who died in the spring and known as “Macherl-Schouster”, thrilled people. The Bavarian Forest Echo regularly printed these traditional treasures. One of the stories is about the sacristan who wants to ring the evening bells and hears voices in the tower: “One for me, one for you!” He reports to the pastor that up there, Lord God and the devil divided the souls of the community among themselves, probably those of the two men of the church. In truth, it was two apple thieves who had stolen in the parish garden and were examining their prey. Without the punch line, of course, the sacristan’s job doesn’t seem desirable.

Is that the reason for the current malaise in the parish Sankt Jakob in Cham? A sacristan is urgently needed there, reference to the Catholic Church and skill in caretaker duties are necessary. You shouldn’t be scared and superstitious when looking at the legend of the Macherl-Schouster. In the end, that is no longer the reason, since the problem of missing sextons is complained across Bavaria.

For the second time the pastor of Cham has advertised the position. Candidates applied at the first attempt – but withdrew at the last moment. The salary played a role. If you ask around in Bavaria, you will find out that applicants often do not like working on Sundays and public holidays either, and there is generally no real idea of ​​what the job is. A Swabian parish announced: “Many are not aware of what it means to be a sacristan.” Only after inquiries does it become clear what this entails: from the preparation of the church services to the care of acolytes to handicrafts and janitorial services.

In Cham they are now taking an offensive approach, the advertisement even mentions the pastor’s cell phone number. There would still be targeted headhunting among the municipal workforce. The example of Roding, also in the Cham district, gives hope: At the beginning of the year, a young street attendant from the city started as a sacristan.