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From Elodie to the highly anticipated Stromae, here are the guests of the Concertone scheduled for this 2022 on the occasion of the traditional Taranta Night and all the information about the stages, tickets and dates.

After two years of detention due to the Corona virus pandemic that brought virtually the entire entertainment industry and street parties to a standstill, even the Taranta evening is finally ready to return to color the last evenings of summer with his traveling concert that will bring music and tradition around Salento.

Here is all the information we have left dateI tickets they guests known who will enter the stage of the “concert tone”.

Notte della Taranta 2022: a twenty-year tradition

The Taranta eveningwith his Concertone it is an initiative born in 1998 to celebrate as we said the folk music not Salento traditions. The “night concert”, now also known as “concertone”, originally took place in Piazza San Giorgio a. Melpignanoa village in the province of Lecce.

An unmissable appointment for the people of Salento, over time it has a concert itinerant and event magnet also for tourists, Italians and foreigners. There Taranta evening celebrate especially the it pinches and similar dances and musicality, contaminated over the years by other more modern sounds.

Where, when and the initiative for the restoration of the area

The Concertone has already started with all its different stages around Salento and as for the evening of August 22 is expected to Martignanoin Piazza della Repubblica, Saturday 27 August 2022 instead it will return to Melpignano, but unlike in the past it will be kept at Square of the former Augustinian monastery. The event is advertisement free entry and therefore there is no ticket to buy to participate.

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Other speech, however, if you want to attend backstage. In this case it will be possible buy a ticket worth 30 euros to access the exclusive area. All information about the remaining tickets is available online on site of the Taranta evening.

The proceeds go to the project “Park of the Olives of Taranta” which deals with the reforestation of the area affected by Xylella, a bacterium that destroyed most of the plantations. The event will also be broadcast on a delayed basis Ray 1 e in current is RaiPlay.

As we said, the Concert tone became itinerant and become different stages Salento. I am 21 in fact the squares who will host the music event. For example, last August 21 it was the turn Calimera and on the 22nd, as we have already said, it will be Martignano’s turn. The Concertone will also affect the municipalities of Soleto e Sternatia for the evenings of August 23 and 24.

The singers who will perform at the Concertone

Each year the concert is led by a Maestro Concertatore. For the 2022 edition it is Darduspianist and composer from the Marches who will reinterpret the classics of the musical tradition of Salento.

Before him, in previous editions, famous names such as Ludovico Einaudi, Carmen Consoli and Raphael Gualazzi succeeded with the same role on the stage of the Concertone. There Taranta eveningto bring his own tradition to the world and also get a little involved with different cultures, including hosts international artists.

If in the previous editions we have in fact seen singers like LPs or musicians like Paul Simonon, for this reason 2022 will be there StromaeBelgian singer-songwriter of Rwandan origin who conquered the Italian public in 2013 with the song All the same.

As for the others guestshas already been confirmed file with some of the most beloved names of the contemporary Italian music scene. In fact, we find the singer-songwriter Samuel Bersanihe raps Maximum danger and two interpreters who made Italian radio stations their home, that is Elodie once again queen of the summer with his Tribe e Marco Mengoni.

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