53 people in St. Wolfgang have now tested positive for Covid-19. Here you can find out which hotels, pubs and restaurants are affected.

In the meantime, all 628 tests carried out on Saturday in connection with St. Wolfgang (Upper Austria) have been evaluated. In total there have been 53 positive cases since the start of the on-site tests, 9 of which come from the 628 tests on Saturday. A total of 764 tests have already been evaluated in St. Wolfgang.

The authorities are working on contact person management on Hochdurck. Also on Sunday there was again the possibility of voluntary testing in St. Wolfgang. In the course of this, a further 419 tests were carried out. These will be evaluated in the course of today’s Monday, according to a crisis report from the state of Upper Austria.

Here is an overview of the factories and places where Covid cases are known:

● House of 13 (Markt 13)

● W3 (Market 30)

● Seevilla (Markt 17)

● Hotel Peter (Markt 54)

● Hotel Furian (Sternallee 196)

● Pizzeria Mirabella (Markt 152)

● Scalaria (See 1)

● Strandhotel Margaretha (Markt 67)

● Gusteria (Market 8)

● Landgasthof Leopoldhof (Ried 8)

● Landhotel Berau (Schwarzenbach 16)

● Weisses Rössl (market (74)

● To the White Deer (Markt 73)

● Hubertuskeller (Markt 46)

● Badeplatz Postalmsee

● ADEG St. Wolfgang Markt 4

People who have been in close contact with several people in one of the above establishments or for a longer period in the region from July 15 to date are advised preventively to closely monitor their state of health. In the event of symptoms such as shortness of breath, sore throat, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, fever, dry cough or sudden loss of taste and smell, the telephone health advice 1450 should be contacted immediately.

LH Vice Christine Haberlander on the current situation in Upper Austria:

Guest hotline set up

Furthermore, the community of St. Wolfgang, in coordination with the district government Gmunden, the tourism association and the state of Upper Austria, set up a guest hotline under the telephone number 06138 / 8003-11. This will be happy to help with questions at any time.

According to the information from the affected accommodation companies, the prescribed protective measures were observed. Mouth-nose protection was worn when in contact with guests or customers. All other company employees were also tested as a precaution.

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