St. Pauli’s Jackson Irvine vows to tear up after World Cup knockout

At least the force of the disappointment subsided a little, the tears dried up: St. Pauli’s Jackson Irvine addressed his fan base with an emotional post on Instagram after the World Cup with Australia. Even if it wasn’t easy for him.

“It’s hard to find words,” begins the 29-year-old. Words “for this experience, this team, this family”. People who made history and broke records. “A bunch of guys who would do anything for each other,” Irvine growled.

St. Pauli’s Jackson Irvine was delighted with the team and the fans

And then he turned to the people at home who were watching the games while they slept, cheering, celebrating and mourning. “To the fans on the street and at home: Thank you for everything,” wrote Irvine, who was in tears on the pitch after being knocked out in the 2-1 defeat to Argentina.

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St Pauli’s co-captain also commented on this, again with a pinch of humor: “I promise not to cry on television for at least a year.” Period is also given no more reason, because tears of joy over a possible promotion are completely excluded for the period set by him…

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