Sixteen lifeguards were mobilized to rescue a female dog St. bernardo stranded on a mountain in England, a shameful incident for a copy of the famous race for attending humans in danger in regions of high mountain.

The bitch, call Daisy, fell when descending along with its owners Scafell Pike, the highest elevation of England whose summit is – hardly – a little less than a thousand meters from height.

After showing signs of suffering dolores on the legs, Daisy He sat down and refused to get up, so rescuers were called.

The team “approached with caution to Daisy (…) and with the help of a couple of candies two members were able to touch her and assess her situation and administer analgesics for her pain, ”the mountain rescue group reported on its website. Wasdale.

Finally, to be able to place the 55 kg dog on a stretcher to evacuate it, it took many candiesthey added.

Since then, apart from the small detail (of the sweets), we find that the evacuation does not differ much from a normal one of a (human) adult“They explained.

When the team reached the bottom of the hill, Daisy, more relieved, she managed to stand up and moved her cola.

“Apparently she feels guilty and somewhat embarrassed to disappoint her cousins’ traditional image by defying the alpine snow“Noted the rescuers.

The name of the breed is because these rescue dogs were raised by monks in the passage of Saint Bernard, between Switzerland e Italy, where they gained fame after having helped hundreds of people throughout the centuries.