SRF host Mira Weingart fights back tears in “Fight 4 Flags”.

Bungee challenge is too much for her

SRF presenter bursts into tears in panic

Mira Weingart was supposed to jump from a gondola to shoot the SRF web format “Fight 4 Flags,” but the presenter struggled with her fear of heights. The situation was so bad for her that she burst into tears from sheer fear."/>1/6

Emotions overwhelmed Mira Weingart when she was supposed to jump from the gondola.

SRF host Mira Weingart (26) lets her emotions run free on the “Fight 4 Flags” web show. When she had to jump out of a gondola in a “blatant bungee challenge”, panic was written all over her face. Weingart, who recently moderated SRF Virus, cried as she stood in front of the open gondola door. “I can’t take it anymore,” she says, clearly at the limit.

In a single player, she explains, “I had a complete breakdown.” This breakdown becomes even clearer a few seconds later: Weingart breaks down the challenge. More tears came and she gasped for air in panic. The team on site must help the woman from Lucerne to calm down again.



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