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The success it has had is undeniable “The squid game” worldwide in more than 90 countries and for the same reason Netflix is ​​evaluating a second season.

The South Korean series has been a trend on social networks, on television programs and even many children use the games of the famous series as part of their routine fun, excluding bloody acts, of course. Its repercussion has been such that we hear the name of the saga everywhere and we even hear it in mixes with songs.

However, all this whirlwind of fame and acceptance has not been the same in South Korea, the original country of the series, since Many critics of the Asian nation agreed that the series has cliché characters, a very loose plot and too much violence in vain.

In statements for “The Economist” A young man from Seoul, In-young (26) said that he and everyone around him cannot understand the success of the series, nor the world fever it generated. He also confessed to having seen the first chapters of the series, reason enough to stop watching. The local survival that is the main plot of the series did not convince In-young and everyone he meets.

But if we go to the TikTok application, many of the songs and videos belong to the acclaimed series, we will also find challenges of videos and games, such as creating the “Galleta Dalgona”. It is really surprising. Nevertheless, the vast majority of people who engage in such activities are in fact not South Koreans, but why in the rest of the world yes and not in South Korea?

The English portal also indicates that “Squid Game” would not have contributed anything new to the survival genre, because in the eastern country, they would already have similar movies and series, such as “Battle Royale”. This series for them it would be more of the same and exaggerated in deaths, since they find no justification for such a bloody scenario.

On the other hand, the director of the series, Hwang Dong-hyuk stated that the development of the program is a metaphor about modern capitalism, which is reflected in almost every scene, where we see the “poor” fighting for their lives and leaving it to chance, while they are watched by VIPs, eccentric millionaires who have fun watching people die, betting millionaire sums between them to see who has better luck and wins.

The development and brutal content of the drama contemplate despair, betrayal and violence. All people come with different problems. The main character is a gambling addict and is still supported by his elderly mother, who even sneakily steals money from her card to spend on gambling. They both live in humble conditions. Then the penultimate survivor of the game, who is his friend, an intelligent and business man, who used everything he knew to embezzle funds and who is now in debt, then a young immigrant from North Korea, who escaped with the illusion of find improvements for his life and that of his younger brother, but encountered the toughest face of his neighboring country. Finally, a hit man and a Pakistani migrant who is exploited in his work, has no rights or benefits and is often unpaid, as a result he lost his fingers. All of them competing (with their lives) for a prize of more than $ 38 million dollars.

This would not only correspond to the series, but it is also about the real life of the country in question. Household debt has passed 100% of South Korean GDP. There are more debts than income and also interest rates have raised their amounts, a new group adds to this debt and they are the young Koreans. “The top 20% of the nation’s income earners have a net worth 166 times that of the bottom 20%, a disparity that has increased by half since 2017,” it is read in the specialized media in economics.


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