The free spring update for Torchlight 3 has been released on all platforms. It includes the Cursed Captain as a new class that fights enemies from medium range with cannons and necromancy.

“This new class can summon a crew of undead warriors during combat or attack enemies with twin sabers, powder kegs and other classic pirate weapons. In addition, those who take control of the Cursed Captain can collect doubloons from combat to improve his skills. The Cursed Captain has two unique skill trees: ‘Cursed’ and ‘Piracy’. In addition to these skills, the class is also introducing a new class-specific armor type in Torchlight 3: cloaks. “

The update also includes updates to the companion system, a new fur and fashion mission, user interface improvements, additional companion slots, and four new types of companions with over 40 variants (deer, Shiba Inu, bulldog, and fox). You will also be able to find new items like the fox bow, the dragon skull, and the specimen of the netherim. Last but not least, you will be able to reset instances (levels, cities). The game progress can also be reset if you want to start over (change log).

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