Spotted the cubs of the Amarena bear, failed to capture

Spotted the cubs of the Amarena bear, failed to capture

The researchers spotted the two cubs of the Amarena bear, killed the other night in San Benedetto dei Marsi. Searches are now focusing in the sighting area in order to capture the two puppies and bring them to safety. There was a first unsuccessful capture attempt. “Let’s avoid turning a tragedy into a colossal disaster: the puppies have not yet been captured. There are too many onlookers around who scare these animals, I invite everyone not to move and let us do our job”. This is the appeal of the director of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, Luciano Sammarone, after the failure of the first attempt to capture the cubs of the Amarena she-bear, killed the other night in San Benedetto dei Marsi (L’Aquila). “Due to false news – continues Sammarone – the curious have increased in the area, scaring the puppies. We may have a chance, but we must hope that the puppies do not split up, otherwise it will be a real disaster”. The last sighting of the Amarena bear Parco della Maiella, the killing of the bear expresses a subculture ‘The killing of the Amarena bear represents an inconsiderate gesture for various reasons, both of scientific, social and economic interest; but above all it is the manifestation of a dangerous subculture that continues to favor a violent approach to the problems, which nevertheless exist, in the man-nature relationship’. This was stated in a note by the president of the Maiella National Park, Lucio Zazzara. ‘Abruzzo – he explains – is a particular and very fortunate region in this sense since ‘it is characterized by a geography that has always made human settlement and the development of an exuberant nature possible; a nature that has always known how to be reborn after the upheavals of geology, climate and human action. A true capital that has been defended and increased over the last century and which, thanks also to the action of some Institutions – such as Parks -, of the various Reserves, of the commitment of individuals and Associations, today represents an important and capable resource more than ever to restore value to the inhabitants’. ‘A situation – he adds – in which the possibility of a peaceful coexistence between the needs of anthropic settlement and, indeed, the need to elaborate a new vision of a territory in which everything is united and compatible; a space in which human activities that have always been considered ‘invasive’ – such as cities, infrastructures, production systems – coexist with the most incredible and happy expressions of nature, even wild. We have discovered, especially in recent years, that all of this represents a real economic engine as well as a privileged condition of life; a force capable of developing new economies linked to sustainable tourism activities’. ‘Nobody – concludes Zazzara – can decide to make their incapacity to live with all this prevail by taking up a rifle and giving vent to their demons. Killing the Amarena bear caused enormous damage to the system because it interrupted an important passage of biodiversity in Abruzzo, destroyed an important result of the policies for the protection of a species at risk of extinction, deprived the regional community of a piece of attractive and productive landscape, has produced damage to the future of all of us’. Reproduction reserved © Copyright ANSA

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