Sports streaming: DAZN joins alliance against illegal streaming

Sports streaming: DAZN joins alliance against illegal streaming

Unauthorized sports live streams are a thorn in the side of the provider DAZN. In order to better defend itself against such streams, DAZN has joined the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), to which companies such as Netflix and Disney already belong. Within this anti-piracy coalition, DAZN is now founding the ACE Sports Piracy Task Force, which is particularly targeting illegal sports live streams.

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DAZN is leading this task force together with the beIN Media Group, which is owned by the Qatari state – illegal streams from the past World Cup in Qatar are prominently mentioned in a press release. In the run-up to the World Cup, the coalition had succeeded in shutting down a service provider from Morocco, it said. In order to disrupt the operation of illegal streaming services, ACE works with authorities, among others.

“Theft of intellectual property on live sports content is an industry problem that negatively impacts all sports and sports fans,” said DAZN CEO Shay Segev. “It will take a global, concerted effort to address it meaningfully. ACE is a natural home for the Sports Piracy Task Force because of its track record, reputation and experience in delivering effective programs of action.”

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment cites a study by Synamedia and ampsaccording to which the industry could generate $28 billion in additional annual revenues by stepping up the fight against sports piracy.

DAZN is the largest live stream provider of sports content in the world and is represented in over 200 countries. The service, which started in Germany in 2016, is part of the British DAZN Group and shows the Champions League, NBA basketball and the National Football League (NFL) in Germany.

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In Germany, DAZN has attracted attention in recent months with repeated and sometimes drastic price increases. Since the beginning of the year, the “DAZN Unlimited” subscription has cost 40 euros per month for new customers, and the annual subscription with a duration of twelve months is 30 euros per month. Until August of last year, the subscription cost 15 euros per month, so prices have more than doubled since then.

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The fact that the price increases were also passed on to existing customers even drew consumer advocates into action: the Federal Consumer Association (vzbv) wants to file a model declaratory action against price increases at DAZN. The price increase clause in the DAZN contracts was opaque and therefore ineffective, said vzbv consultant Sebastian Reiling in a statement: “The hefty price increases at DAZN are not only annoying for sports fans – they are also not legally permissible without the consent of the users. “

In January, the vzbv searched on its website for those affected who wanted to join the class action lawsuit. The vzbv is no longer accepting registrations. Before going any further, they want to wait for the implementation of the EU directive on collective actions in Germany, the consumer association told heise online. News is to be expected in the summer.


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