The meeting yesterday, Place Beauvau, is the direct consequence of the Lyon-OM stop. The two clubs were around the table, Pablo Longoria, accompanied by the director of communication Jacques Cardoze, having made the trip. The bottle throwing towards Dimitri Payet was discussed, but not its disciplinary consequences, expected on December 8.

During the discussions, Jean-Michel Aulas maintained that the pitcher, who received a six-month suspended prison sentence, was not, or little, known as a supporter of OL, which remains to be demonstrated. The different parties have all agreed on the importance of individual sanctions and the need to pronounce more stadium bans (less than 1,000 at present against nearly 10,000 in England). “It’s going in the right direction“, we note at La Commanderie where we are waiting for the next meeting, scheduled in two weeks, to see it a little more clearly.

In addition, the influential group of supporters of the Winners called on Marseille supporters to be exemplary in the current context. “A bottle, a piece of paper, a firecracker and our party stops, let’s not give them the pretext to punish us for our passion. (…) Our din and our fervor are enough to crush our adversaries“, they write to try to prevent any projectile throw. As a reminder, Sunday’s OM-Troyes will be played behind closed doors.

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