Sports medicine specialists provide care to high-performance athletes

With the aim of supporting the athletes of the State of Mexico, the General Directorate of Physical Culture and Sport, through the Department of Sciences Applied to Sport, develops a physical and medical follow-up of athletes in their different stages.

They seek to avoid injuries and keep athletes in the best conditions (Photo: Special).

Jorge Luis Reynoso Barbosa, Head of the Department, explained that high-performance athletes and new talents are treated from the medical, nutritional, psychological, chiropractic and physiatric areas, in order to prevent and alleviate injuries.

“This multidisciplinary approach is to shelter athletes from different angles that applied sciences have, it is to make a comprehensive evaluation to identify aspects that the athlete needs to work on and give a closer follow-up,” explained Reynoso Barbosa.

“The idea is to have the athletes in the best possible conditions, to get them out as quickly as possible, because it is useless for us to get out quickly if it is not complete,” added the sports doctor.

The person in charge explained that stress tests are developed, such as the one made to Iván Maya, which is projected to achieve high performance; In the same way, physical therapies to eradicate injuries such as those of Perla Gabriel, a weightlifter who won three gold medals in the last CONADE 2022 National Games, in addition to more specific cases such as the sequelae of COVID-19 suffered by marathoner Andrea Ramírez Limón.

“In the specific case of Andrea Ramírez, she had several respiratory complications related to COVID-19; She is in a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation process and we, hand in hand with CONADE, are working so that she can return as soon as possible and in the best conditions, without risk and in the face of the competition that comes, ”she concluded.

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