Sport without spectators – for many a strange thought, but currently hardly possible. Although spectators are not the same, the role of the observer or fans varies extremely from sport to sport. What belongs to the good tone in one sport is absolutely frowned upon in the other, and this discrepancy is seldom experienced as closely as in the Summer Olympics.

Whisper and brass music

The short hike through the world of the viewer begins with table tennis, a quarter-final for men. Four playing fields stand side by side, separated from each other by small balustrades. The game is played at the same time, which makes it much more difficult for the neutral viewer to make decisions about where he should be looking. The jubilation that arises after a spectacular rally has no effect on the other three games – stoic simply continues. What would the tennis player say? There is silence in the stands during the rally. You also don’t cheer for your opponent’s mistakes, especially not for double mistakes.