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People posing for a photo with the Olympic rings at Haneda International Airport, in Tokyo, on Thursday, July 8, 2021. Playing sports and instilling it in our children leaves us much more than good physical condition.

Koji Sasahara

Enrique Gómez Montiel For The Tucson Star

I take advantage of the fact that July 23 is the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games, to comment on sport and its importance for people’s health.

Scheduled for 2020, the Olympics were postponed to 2021, like many other activities. We will surely see on television the opening and closing ceremonies, and the sporting events of general interest: athletics, swimming, gymnastics, etc.

Enrique A. Gómez Montiel

However, our activities also had an imbalance during the pandemic and forced us to lead a more sedentary life, to work or study from home, to greater inactivity. This not only has negative effects on physical health, but also on people’s emotional well-being. Although it will be time to see the Olympics, it is also an opportunity to consider a sports physical activity.

Since ancient times, Greeks and Romans spoke of the importance of a holy mind in a healthy body: practicing a sport on a regular basis allows us to deal with stress, clear our minds, have fun and, at the same time, take care of our health. In the case of children and young people, it is vital for their physical growth and, at the same time, to help them learn a discipline, follow rules and work as a team – if a team sport is chosen.

In Tucson there is a wide variety of sports that can be practiced, both individually and in teams, and the most popular activities, which everyone knows, need not be mentioned. For this reason, I would like to comment on other sports, less cited at a local level but which, for the same reason, represent viable options, without excess demand, and why not? Where you can even appear nationally or internationally.


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