Sport boss editorial

Sport boss editorial

üAbout the lived style on the football field, where behavior off the field is also an important basis.

“We don’t play chess here.” When things get hot on the soccer field and emotions are simmering, the comparison with the game of kings is a classic saying of those involved. That’s right. It can be loud on the soccer field. In the best-case scenario, it should even do so if the visitors share the excitement and the excitement produces non-stop emotions.

Also, directly on the field, the participants don’t give anything away, that’s the nature of a physical sport. In short: The magic of football as the number one popular sport is easy to see.

The fact that the fun for the spectators is not neglected is not only due to the participants, who offer the most attractive kick possible, but also to a clear set of rules. Football is far from being an anarchic sport. It is the interplay of discipline and emotion that counts. If you don’t tackle at full speed, you’ll be second in the duel. If you make mistakes and miss, you will get red in the worst case. You can shout for a goal, but not constantly complain on the other side. It is clear that an emotional pressure cooker can arise in this field of tension. Anyone who misbehaves and forgets values ​​such as fairness and respect will be thrown off the pitch.

This should also apply to people outside the field. Recently, reports from the lower house have increased again, according to which activists have been racially insulted, homophobic calls are also still anchored. Arguments from big stadiums, where a lot of bad things are shown, that nothing can be done anyway if visitors use the wrong tone or that you shouldn’t see everything so narrowly, don’t catch fire. Rather, there is a need for further sensitization and a code of values ​​that is lived by everyone on the sports field. Without any fussy moralizing: It’s about the great opportunity to establish rules for a style and a contemporary understanding of values ​​on any soccer field. Here the clubs are asked not to listen and take countermeasures. But the reasonable majority of fans are also asked here to nip the excesses in the bud. Racism and homophobia as an absolute no-go, this approach can have a lasting positive impact on a club and a sports field.

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