Spin those hips

Pelvic floor. Pelvic floor† The concept kept coming back during a You Tube quest for home exercises for a stiff lower back and a nagging feeling in my hip – I’ve yet to come across the first tapping home worker who doesn’t experience occasional pain or discomfort somewhere in that neglected lower back. part of our torso.

Sitting has been the new smoking for a while, but standing all day or pacing frantically around the room doesn’t solve the problem – the missing link is that ‘bowl’ that rests the upper body on, so hidden it takes a savvy expert to to point him out. It’s not about your hips, and it’s not about your butt – rather your crotch. But wider. How do you explain such a thing?

school teacher

Enter Dr. Bri, real name Brianne Grogan. A ray of sunshine, she sounds like a sweet school teacher. Her You Tube Channel Dr. Bri’s Vibrant Pelvic Healthhas 262,000 subscribers and her videos have been viewed 17 million times. There are hundreds, but her half-hour Super Subtle Core is a good start, with such an extensive, imaginative explanation that afterwards you finally understand what it is about.

Grogan is happy with her success as an online coach, she says in a video call, although she still finds social media a strange, stressful phenomenon. She is an introvert herself, preferring to be at home with her son and her husband or walking outside alone. But this mission cries out for openness.

Grogan was trained as a physiotherapist in her native state of Oregon, USA, first working with seniors for a year, before changing course after the birth of her son in 2007: women and their pelvic floor problems became her specialty.

With a few exercises a day and better posture, any woman can relieve her symptoms

The reason was personal: after giving birth, she not only lost her abs, she also suffered from prolapse – a prolapse of the vagina that women are often very ashamed of. Grogan was also ashamed. She no longer dared to run or jump, and the ‘kegel’ exercises that doctors prescribe as standard (in short: periodically squeezing the muscles) she found too limited, and above all very boring.

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In addition to cones, her method now includes Pilates, yoga, breathing exercises, nutritional advice and ‘hip circles’, subtle turning movements that do not require any flexibility or talent. With a few practice moments a day and better posture, any woman can ease her symptoms, Bri is sure.

She gets responses from mothers and non-mothers of all ages, and to her surprise also from men. They have problems with sex and problems with urination if their pelvic floor does not function properly, and they are much more ashamed. Not necessary! said Bri. Spin those hips.



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