SPIELBERG: Ninja Warrior Marco – Murtal

Spielberger Marco Sperdin (Sperdin Cosmetic Institute) is in the semifinals of Ninja Warrior Germany.

MURTAL. On October 2nd, 2020, “Ninja Warrior Germany” started the anniversary season for the first time from Cologne with spectacular innovations. Around 55 athletes each competed in six preliminary rounds with more obstacles than before. The 16 best athletes, including Marco Sperdin from Spielberg, advanced to the semi-finals.

That is pure excitement

The two fastest athletes in each preliminary round battle each other at the Power Tower, a completely new challenge that has it all: A direct duel at a height of more than 10 meters, the winner of which can look forward to a cash win and the safety pass for the semi-finals (i.e. the The athlete is automatically qualified for the final, his performance in the semifinals is outside the valuation). The “mega wall” introduced in 2019 is also part of the preliminary rounds. The semifinals and the finals each consist of two shows this year. Of the at least 100 athletes in the two semi-final shows, 50 advance to the final. So far, 28 athletes have always made it to the final, so that the chance of a winner in the 5th season is almost doubled.

High award

In the first final show, these athletes can expect a course with a time limit. All those who manage this course in the allotted time advance to Final Show 2 with two more courses and the ultimate final obstacle: The 22 meter high Mount Midoriyama is in Cologne for the first time under the open sky! The athlete who conquers Mount Midoriyama within the given time wins the prize of 300,000 euros and is named the first “Ninja Warrior Germany”. If no one succeeds, there is, as always, a “Last Man Standing” and a “Last Woman Standing” with a respective award of 25,000 euros.

Hard and soft at the same time

As already mentioned, the 40-year-old Marco Sperdin from Spielberg made it into the semifinals of Ninja Warrior Germany. He runs a beauty salon in Spielberg, so he has a soft side in addition to his steely side. You can tell from his well-trained body that he does sport every day. Shackling, bouldering, handstands and the like are part of his standard repertoire. The newcomer to the ninja has trained together with his role model “Ninja Doc” Uwe Weitzer and is well prepared for the show.


Ninja Warrior GermanyHalbfinal mit Marco Sperdin
Friday, November 13, 2020, on RTL

You can also find the report in the current print edition of the Murtaler Zeitung.





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