In the US, “Amazing Fantasy No. 15” was auctioned at a record price. In 1962, it had sold for 12 cents.

A Spider-Man comic book was auctioned in the United States for 3.6 million dollars (about 3 million euros). The booklet with the title “Amazing Fantasy No. 15” was published in August 1962. It was then that the superhero Spider-Man made his first comic book appearance. The auction house Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas, announced on Thursday that it was the most expensive comic book ever to be auctioned off.

The magazine was sold for 12 cents in 1962. The now auctioned edition is the best-preserved known copy, it was said. At first it was not announced who bought it.

With that, Spider-Man beat the record recently set by Superman. An issue of Action Comics No. 1, in which this superhero first appeared in a comic book, was also recently auctioned off at Heritage Auctions for $ 3.25 million.


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