Spider-Man 2 will arrive on PS5 this fall: Sony confirms it again

After setting the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in the autumn, Sony had not communicated anything more about the timing of the debut of the title created by Insomniac Games. Only some rumors had suggested the month of September as the one designated for the launch, while, at the same time, Sony itself had declared that a large Triple A would be released by March 2024. In short, no precise date, at least until now. What seems certain, in fact, is only that the game – as also confirmed by an article published on the PlayStation Blog – will be released in the autumn. On the exact month, however, there is still a bit of mystery. In this regard, given that there is not much time left, the first confirmations should arrive shortly, perhaps already in the next few weeks. Therefore, Spider-Man fans will have to be patient a little longer before starting the countdown. Meanwhile, Sony is working on new products from the PS5 universe, including two new versions of the popular console. In particular, the Japanese giant in September 2023 could launch the new PlayStation 5 equipped with a removable disc player, also known as PS5 Slim. Towards the end of 2024, however, the Pro version of the PS5 could debut. Furthermore, according to Tom Henderson, within the next two months the first prototypes will be distributed among developers while third-party ones will receive everything by the end of 2023.

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