Speed ​​up your cell phone! Discover these tips to make your Android or iPhone fast again

Follow these tips to make your Android phone go faster | Photo: Pixabay

It is normal that you cell vaya this, although with a series of tricks it is very easy to reverse this situation. Now it is also possible to make it so fast as before and in Uno TV we tell you how improve performance of you iPhone o Android.

Tricks to make your Android phone fast again

Keep your apps always up to date

By keeping apps up to date on Android, errors and failures that have been detected will be corrected. In addition, the overall performance will be improved with each update. This option is effective in making your cell work again so fast like before. Learn how to do it:

  • Enter the Play Store
  • Click on your profile picture to enter your account details
  • Choose Setting
  • Go to Network Preference
  • Sign in to Automatic app update
  • Two options will appear, depending on whether we want to update in any situation, only when we have our device connected to a Wi-Fi point

Force close apps if they crash

If any app fails, it will automatically slow down your cell. This happens because the app has been “hooked”, and is consuming resources without stopping even if you don’t use it. That is why, by forcing it to close, the device returns to its speed usual. This way you can force it to close:

  • open Settings
  • go to Applications
  • View Your Apps menu
  • Find the app you want to close, press it
  • Choose the option Force closing

Do you want a fast cell phone? Download the lite versions of the applications

Many applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, Spotify y Googlethey can weigh a lot on your cell thanks to its size and consumption capacity, which is why the companies themselves developed lighter versions to prevent the device from becoming saturated and being able to become fast.

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Deep clean your phone with Files by Google

The application Files de Google offers the option to view all documents and files saved on the device for manual debugging; however, it does offer an option to remove all junk files that have accumulated over time. By removing them, the cell it becomes a little more fastlearn how to do it:

  • Search for the Google Files app and download it
  • It will ask you for permission to access your files
  • Give permission to Access all files ticking the blue button
  • Go to the option Clean up
  • Choose junk files
  • confirm Erase

Tricks to make your iPhone faster

Disable background apps

The execution of the background apps They are the processes that the applications execute while we are not using them, such as data synchronization, location and information updating. The drawback is that if there are many applications on the cellthey consume a lot of resources and cease to be fast. This is how you can disable this option:

  • Enter to Setting
  • Look for the option General
  • Enter to background update
  • Choose the option background update
  • Select the option No

Update the latest version of iOS and make your phone go faster

The new versions of iOS They serve to correct the errors of the previous update and when installing it, the advantages and improvements of the same are acquired. With these benefits, it generally improves the cell performance to make it considerably more fast again. If you don’t know how to update your iPhonewe tell you how:

  • Enter to Setting
  • Select the option General
  • Sign in to Software update
  • If the iPhone detects an update, it will appear.
  • To install it, just click on download and install

Turn off location services you don’t use on your phone

When we disable the location services on iPhone we are enabling them in our device, becoming a useful option to stop location tracking, which will help positively in order to preserve battery life and improve performance. cell phone performance. This is how you can achieve it:

  • Enter to Setting
  • Select the option Privacy
  • Sign in to location
  • Click on the button location to disable this option
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