Speculations on helmet prices: start of checks

Speculations on helmet prices: start of checks

(Togo Official) – After having warned economic operators about speculation on the sale prices of motorcycle helmets, the Ministry of Commerce has taken action. A control team led by several officials from the ministry began on August 30, raids on the ground.

In Greater Lomé in particular, several stores and points of sale were thus inspected. “We have raised awareness and done a lot of pedagogy. Currently, we are moving to repression”, indicated the Director General of Trade, Abe Talime.

And to continue:It is true that there are several varieties of helmets. Prices vary from 5 to 35,000 FCFA depending on the quality. It is not normal to increase prices beyond normal. We want to bring the economic operators who are in this system to stop and ensure that citizens can buy the helmet at a reasonable price”.

Controls will continue throughout the territory. As a reminder, citizens will also be able to denounce all abnormal practices by calling the toll-free number 8585, operational 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

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