“I found out I have cancer. And I’m grateful to a viewer for pointing this out to me. ” So there Wfla American TV journalist Victoria Price, he told his Twitter followers how he found out he had a thyroid cancer.

that bulge on the neck had suspected one CALLER who wrote her one mail, suggesting that you have a thyroid test right away. “I just saw you on the news – said the text of the message -. I’m worried about that mass on your neck. Please have your thyroid checked. Reminds me of my neck. In my case it was cancer. “

Price decided to follow the advice and the woman’s suspicion turned out to be well founded. The examination performed at the Tampa General Hospital, Florida, confirmed that it was a tumor. Doctors advised her to remove it surgically. The reporter was operated on Monday. «If I had not received that email, the tumor would have spread further»added Price, who also told his story to explain his absence from the video.