Special name in Indonesia – boy (12) is Abcdef Ghijk – vaccination list goes viral


When a twelve-year-old student was vaccinated in Indonesia, the health workers initially thought it was a joke. Then the boy showed them the name embroidered on his shirt.

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A vaccination list in Indonesia goes viral at the end of October 2021: One of the people who want to be vaccinated is called Abcdef Ghijk Zuzu.

Screenshots of Youtube/East Tribune

At first, the authorities said it was a joke.  But then the student shows the name on his shirt.

At first, the authorities said it was a joke. But then the student shows the name on his shirt.

Screenshots of Youtube/East Tribune

The father has a penchant for crossword puzzles, as he himself said in front of the media.  The boy said people said Adef to him.

The father has a preference for Crossword puzzleas he himself said in front of the media. The boy said people said Adef to him.

Screenshots of Youtube/East Tribune

  • In Indonesia a boy is called Abcdef Ghijk Zuzu.

  • His case is now going viral on social media.

  • He’s not the only one with an unusual name: These have a long tradition, especially among celebrities.

A few days ago a boy with an unusual name was on edescends Vaccination list in the Indonesian province of South Sumatra. At first, the health staff said it was a jokee, but as it turned out, the twelve year old student is actually called Abcdef Ghijk Zuzu. His story goes now viral.

A police officer present documented the curious case for social media, the media pounced daup – and put the father to talk. He said it took six years to choose the special name for his firstborn. He stated that he is very fond of doing crossword puzzles and the end dfor this reason dhe selected letters of the alphabet. He also always dreamed of becoming an author. Thus he combined the name of his son with his hobbies.

The father’s plan was actually, to give each of his children a letter name. Abcdef’s siblings should be called Nopq Rstuv and Xyz. The two but were lucky: the father changed his mind before they were born. The younger brothers are called Ammar and Attur, how «Yahoo News» reported. Indonesian media asked Abcdef if he wasn’t being teased at school because of the name. His answer: Leider yes. Often even. The reporters also wanted to know how to pronounce his name at all: say Adef to him, said the boy.

Long tradition with celebrities

Unusual first names have a long tradition, especially in Hollywood. The daughter of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow means something like “Apple” (apple). Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his girlfriend Grimes took it to extremes: yours son they baptized “X Æ A-Xii”.

In Switzerland, too, a child from the canton of Friborg has an unmistakable first name: “Tiktu Spring Hokkaidö” became im April 2020 born. For over a year, the parents argued with the authorities about the official recognition of their child’s name. In summer thiss In the end of the year, the cantonal court of Friborg accepted their appeal.

Is Tiktu a boy or a girl?

“Tiktu” is a name invented by the parents, how from the judgmentwent. They were inspired by their travels. The couple decided on “Spring” because they wanted to emphasize the positive aspects of life and vitality. “Hokkaidö” refers to the Japanese island of the same name, which is particularly dear to the couple.

Only in one point hat the coupleegjust. The child’s name was originally supposed to end in “Goodall” – in homage to the famous British behavioral scientist Jane Goodall. But since, according to the court, a surname cannot be used as a first name, the parents waived it.

Now you are probably still wonderingwhich gender Tiktu has on the ID? It’s a girl.

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