special commando against possible American operations

President Nicolas Maduro announced on Tuesday that Venezuela had just created a “Special operations commando” responsible for countering any subversive actions of the United States on its territory. Maduro revealed the creation of this commando, whose activity will be coordinated by the presidency, during a videoconference broadcast by Venezuelan government television. The new unit will have “The ability to act anywhere in the country in real time 24 hours a day”, declared the head of the socialist state.

According to him, the President of the United States Donald Trump has given the green light “For the CIA to get involved in clandestine terrorist actions against Venezuela”. Such American actions would target “Oil, electricity, military, electoral objectives” in Venezuelan territory, said Nicolas Maduro. “We have already captured an agent who confessed it”, he said.

On September 11, Nicolas Maduro announced the arrest in Venezuela of an American citizen identified as Matthew John Heath and whom he described as“spy”. This American is accused of “terrorism” by the Venezuelan justice, according to which he planned attacks against oil and electricity installations. In August, two other Americans, Luke Alexander Denman and Airan Berry, were sentenced in Venezuela to 20 years in prison for terrorism. They were notably found guilty of a failed armed incursion into Venezuelan territory in May.

During his videoconference, Maduro called on the Bolivarian Militia to be in a state of“Maximum alert” in order to deal with possible conspiracies. The Bolivarian Militia is a body that includes 4.5 million civilians, linked to the Venezuelan army, considered the main support of the regime.

Caracas often accuses Washington of plotting to overthrow Chavist power. The United States openly wants the fall of Nicolas Maduro, whom they qualify as a dictator, and imposes a series of sanctions on Venezuela. The US Treasury Secretariat announced on Tuesday the adoption of sanctions – asset freezes, in particular – against five Venezuelan politicians. Washington accuses them of “complicity” with President Maduro in a «manipulation» of the process leading to the next legislative elections, which are to be held on 6 December.

Nicolas Maduro immediately condemned these sanctions, which he described in his speech as “Measures of extortion, blackmail, persecution typical of a mafia and not of the government of a decent country”.