Sparkasse speaks Tacheles: soon no more cash in branches?

Sparkasse speaks Tacheles: soon no more cash in branches?

Sparkasse, DHL and Amazon: Beware of phishing! This is how you protect yourself!

Sparkasse, DHL and Amazon: Beware of phishing! This is how you protect yourself!

Billions of spam emails are sent around the world every day. Most of them are so-called phishing emails.

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Soon no more withdrawing cash at the house bank? the savings bank tell me what’s up!

Especially since the corona pandemic, cashless payments have enjoyed great popularity. Deutsche Bank let it be known that it no longer wants to issue banknotes in most of its branches in the medium term. But what about the savings bank out?

Sparkasse makes a clear statement

A “Handelsblatt” survey showed that the savings bank wants to continue to offer deposits and withdrawals at the counter. “In all 116 branches, customers have the option of withdrawing money from the cash register,” explained the Kreissparkasse Köln, for example.

A reduction is – as of now – not planned. The situation is similar at Hamburger Sparkasse: Deposits and withdrawals can still be made there in all branches.

Sparkasse makes a new observation

The Sparkasse Finanzgruppe operates a total of 23,000 ATMs. However, like many other financial institutions, the company observes that the counter “plays a subordinate role in purely providing the population with cash”.

“It is used in particular when varieties or larger amounts of money are required,” the German Savings Banks and Giro Association (DSGV) is quoted as saying by the “Handelsblatt”.

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Sparkasse: Contactless payment is becoming more and more important

“Compared to private individuals, corporate customers of savings banks use services for cash at the counter more often – simply because they deal with large sums more often.”


More news on the topic savings bank:


According to the DSGV, cash is still very important in Germany. But contactless payment is becoming increasingly important. (cf)

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