Spain opened to vaccinated tourists: Travel:

Since June 7, Spain has opened its borders to tourists vaccinated against the coronavirus and has allowed cruise ships to moor in its ports. It is reported by the Spanish television and radio company RTVE.

So, according to the document of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Spain, the traveler must first leave an application for the intention to enter the country and confirm the passage of the full vaccination cycle.

To do this, at least two weeks before crossing the border, you must fill out a form through a special application. Upon completion of registration, the program will create a QR code that must be provided at passport control.

It is clarified that to enter the country, tourists need to be vaccinated with Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen, Sinopharm or Sinovac-Coronavac. Russian vaccines are not included in this list.

However, residents of Brazil, India and South Africa are still unable to enter Spain due to the epidemiological situation in these countries.

Earlier in May, Andrey Bystritsky, Chairman of the Board of the Valdai International Discussion Club Foundation, told Russian tourists the possible dates for the opening of the European Union countries. In his opinion, this summer the Russians have high chances for tourist trips. However, the problem is that there are political and organizational issues that complicate the process of opening international tourism.