Space tourist: how much does the trip cost and requirements to be met

¿Space tourist? Perhaps many have ever wondered how much does it cost to travel to space as a tourist? Or even when could trips be made for ordinary people? Some of these questions are slowly beginning to be answered.

To live extreme experiences and admire the Land from above (but very above), the space travels They could become the new trendy gift. At least with a little more patience and a lot of money (but a lot of money).

Who offers flights for the space tourist?

Here is an overview of the different services offered for the space tourist. Two companies are positioned in the niche of short trips to space, lasting a few minutes: Blue Origin, of the billionaire Jeff Bezos, Y Virgin Galactic, of the also billionaire Richard Branson.

On Blue Origin, a rocket It is launched vertically, and the capsule in which the passengers are found is detached in flight until reaching 100 km in height, before falling back to the Land hanging from three parachutes.

To be a space tourist you have to have a lot of money and good physical condition. Photo: AFP

Virgin Galactic, meanwhile, uses a huge transport plane that takes off from a classic runway carrying another similar to a large private jet, which at a certain point is released and flies autonomously at supersonic speed until reaching an altitude of 80 km. Then glide down.

  • In both cases, up to six passengers can detach from their seats to float in weightlessness and admire the curvature of the Land.

When can you fly?

For him space tourist, Virgin Galactic has announced the start of its regular business operations for early 2022, after two final test flights. The line, however, will be long: 600 tickets have already been sold. The company said it plans to eventually make a maximum of 400 flights per year.

  • Two people will be able to enter one of the first flights by lottery: registrations are open until September 1.

As to Blue Origin, a precise calendar was not announced, at the moment it is only known about the space travel that will be carried out by the Jeff Bezos The next Tuesday.

How much will it cost?

The first tickets sold by Virgin Galactic they cost between 200 thousand and 250 thousand dollars each. But the company warned that the seats that will go on sale in the future will be more expensive. Blue Origin It did not announce a price, but a seat on the first manned flight was auctioned for a whopping $ 28 million.

What physical requirements must be met?

A priori, the space tourist you only need one good physical shape. In order to Virgin Galactic, the training it should only last five days. The first flight of Blue Origin It will even carry an 82-year-old ex-pilot, who will be the oldest person ever in space.

Among the criteria that were requested for the auction of a place aboard the New Shepard of Blue Origin were: not suffer vertigo, can climb the equivalent of seven floors in less than 90 seconds (for the launch tower) and not weigh more than 100 kg.

What about SpaceX?

SpaceX, owned by another billionaire Elon MuskIt also plans space tourism flights, although much more ambitious, lasting several days and even much further.


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