How did Sophie Turner (24) and Joe Jonas (30) come up with this unusual name? On Monday evening, it was announced that the main character of the Game of Thrones and the musician had their first child – a daughter. A little later, the secret, as they called the little one, is said to have been revealed: Willa! Die-hard “Game of Thrones” fans might find this name familiar …

In the hit series there are two characters with the name Willa! One figure is a young wildling girl, who can be seen twice in the fifth season of the Battle of Hartheim. The other is an attractive young woman who works as a maid for the Stark family. She appears in the fourth episode of season eight, where she tries to kill Wildling legend Tormund Riesentod (Kristofer Hivju, 41) to seduce – with which she should ultimately also be successful. It was played by actress Alice Nokes, who is also known for her role as Courtney Mitchell in “EastEnders”.

Ob Sophie was actually looking for inspiration for her daughter’s name on “Game of Thrones”? After her role in the super successful series changed her life forever, that would be possible! Of course, this could just as well be a coincidence. What do you think? Vote in our poll under the article.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner, actress
Sophie Turner, actress


Yes, definitely – the name isn’t that common …


No, it’s just a coincidence!

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