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If Tirol sets up a multi-day block handling with complete blockades for hours, many long-distance drivers try to get through from the Bad Aibling exit or earlier on the country road to Brannenburg. From there, however, they still have to queue up again in the traffic jam on the autobahn, since in Austria the country roads are closed to trucks on such days. An idea for Bavaria too?

Brandbief to Söder from the Inn Valley because of block handling

Because for years things have only been going at a walking pace there, whether in Bad Feilnbach, Neubeuren, Brannenburg, Kiefersfelden or other places in the Inn Valley. “The situation is unbearable,” says Jokisch. The alternative traffic endangers the health and safety of the residents. In order to stop the truck secret routes as quickly as possible, he and his fellow mayors from the region and District Administrator Otto Leder (CSU) issued an urgent appeal to the federal Autobahn GmbH in Leipzig on Friday after a crisis summit: otherwise they would block the roads themselves .

Brannenburg’s Mayor Matthias Jokisch next to a passing truck: When there is block processing, heavy goods traffic also torments through the villages. (Source: Klaus Wiendl)

“We will also write a fire letter to Markus Söder this week,” announces Jokisch. Bavaria’s Prime Minister had already promised support on Twitter – and at the same time pointed out that Bavaria could not implement the demands for departure bans alone. “These are,” says Söder, “solely a matter for the federal government.” But he has not yet commented on the demands.

Block clearance: Bavaria is not allowed to put up any signs on the Autobahn

“Of course, it would be ideal if there were already a ban on exiting and driving through on the motorway,” says District Administrator Lederer. “The problem is,” says Jokisch, “the district administrator can block through roads, but he’s not allowed to put up any signs on the freeway.” The situation is also aggravated by streets in the villages that are only five meters wide. “Trucks can’t get past each other there,” complains Jokisch. The Bavarian Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of the Interior should now quickly create appropriate concepts.

“With smaller solutions we only fight the symptoms, but not the causes,” says Oberaudorf Mayor Matthias Bernhardt. In his eyes, there is an urgent need for intelligent traffic control systems starting in Munich and for freight traffic to be increasingly shifted to rail. But this can take decades. Deutsche Bahn cautiously predicts that the northern approach to the Brenner Base Tunnel will be in 2040 at the earliest.

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