soon injections in the nose to better fight against the virus?


  • 78% of the total French population has received at least one anti-Covid injection (52.7 million people) and 77% of the total population has a complete vaccination schedule (51.6 million people).
  • There are 5.3 million unvaccinated people aged 12 and over.

While a study has just shown that RNA vaccines are less effective in combating the Omicron variant, several teams of French researchers from the Institut Pasteur, the start-up TheravectysSont and even INRAE ​​are working on anti-Covid sera which can be administered by the nasal route.

The limits of RNA vaccines

“RNA vaccines are a little miracle, but there are limits”, explains in Ouest-France Éric Tartour, professor of immunology (Georges-Pompidou hospital, in Paris). “They do not generate local immunity. You can be vaccinated, but infected with the virus which will proliferate in the nasal mucosa. And you can transmit it, even if you are asymptomatic”.

He pursues : “if we want to stop the epidemic, and it is a public health duty, mucosal vaccines will be needed. As long as the vaccines do not prevent the transmission and therefore the spread of the virus, we will be under the threat of new variants “.

Marketing in 2023?

In a press release published on Thursday, September 9, INRAE ​​researchers reported encouraging results concerning the effectiveness of their nasal vaccine on animals. “The preclinical tests carried out in the laboratory demonstrate the efficacy of the candidate vaccine after two nasal immunizations spaced 3 weeks apart, both in terms of immune response and early neutralization of the original virus and its variants, blocking any risk of contamination. by a vaccinated individual ”, the researchers rejoiced then.

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The latter plan to enter the clinical phase and therefore trials on human patients in 2022, and hope to be able to market their product in 2023.



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