At the company Sony It has presented a prototype of an electric vehicle that, in principle, it does not plan to put on sale, but which will help it develop high-tech components for autonomous driving.

The vehicle, with the name of Vision-SIt was announced last January 7 at the last edition of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Fair (CES), but now it has been the first time it has appeared in public.

According to the images collected by local media, the sedan, of four doors, silver grey and with a very aerodynamic, was unveiled on Monday during a brief tour at Sony headquarters in Tokyo.

The 33 sensors with which it is equipped are the fundamental element of the vehicle, since Sony wants to see how they behave in order to improve them.

Sony wants to test the car in the coming months on the streets of Japan, of U.S and Europe, but the consortium has no intention of mass manufacturing or putting it up for sale.

The sensors with which it is equipped allow, among other things, recognize road conditions, location of buildings, driver movements and facial expressions, as indicated by the public chain NHK.