The company has previously managed to wrestle with the sellers of multi-colored panels for the console and now, as you can see, decided to sell them on its own.

In the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), panels for the PlayStation 5 console have appeared. It should be assumed that Sony is tired of meeting in court with businessmen (the same Dbrand) trying to sell removable panels for a game console, and decided to secure exclusively the right to them.

It is not yet known whether Sony itself will produce multi-colored and stylized panels for specific games, or whether it will begin to sell the rights to this to third parties.

It is worth noting that the panels on the PlayStation 5 are extremely easy to remove, without even requiring a screwdriver or any deep technical knowledge. Considering the many popular PlayStation games already released, as well as upcoming projects like Ragnarok, Forbidden West and others, the demand for stylized panels will be strong.

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