Sony announces Xperia 1 IV phone on May 11 – Tablets and phones – News

You mentioned earlier that they did not sell the Compact series well.
I don’t know if you have figures on this, but when I see the Tweakers audience (by the way, these are often also the advisors in a family/friends group), there was much more talk about smaller phones and more responses under Sony Compact reviews/announcements , than under normal Sony smartphones.

I always say quality over quantity, but in these kinds of articles the quality is at the same level. I can’t argue with numbers, but I do think that the compact variant has been more successful and I’m happy that Asus, Xiaomi and Samsung now also offer reasonably compact high-end smartphones next to Apple (the Pro variant).

As for the processor: ok an 8 gen1 cpu is fine too, but unfortunately it has now turned out too often that the Snapdragon 8* series is a hothead and it cannot be cooled well. This was also the case with the SD 810, for example.

Because of this, I would recommend a CPU that is economical, fast, cool and available for people who get started with different ROMs. This brought me to the 7*** series instead of the 8 series.

Sony did not score the best in the camera tests of Tweakers. They also didn’t get the highest scores in those kinds of reviews, even though the hardware was okay. I have noticed this in several of my own reviews as well. The competition was still better and that’s what I judge without a trained eye.

The consumer is often advised by a store, reviews from others and by friends/family (the “Tweaker”).

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