Sony Allegedly Puts Limitation on Annual PS Plus Subscriptions Before Raise: Can Be Extended Up To 2025

Sony Allegedly Puts Limitation on Annual PS Plus Subscriptions Before Raise: Can Be Extended Up To 2025

After it was announced that the annual prices of PlayStation Plus would increase, many gamers rushed to renew their subscriptions. However, allegedly Sony has limited the renewal of subscriptions.

Sony recently made the feared statement and announced that the annual prices of the monthly subscription system PlayStation Plus would increase all over the world. The hike, which will take effect on September 6, was 35% in the USA. No details were shared regarding Turkey.

As you can imagine, after Sony’s decision to hike, players rushed to renew their annual subscriptions. However, the allegations that the company limitation demonstrated that it does.

PS Plus refreshes are claimed to be available until 2025 at most

Game developer Tayfun Fabric published a claim about PS Plus subscriptions in a screenshot he shared. In the speech, whose identity is unknown, it is claimed that Sony has imposed a restriction on renewing annual subscriptions until September 9th. There is also the claim that the restriction started on August 29 and there will be a serious price increase in Turkey on September 6 (the date Sony announced for the global hike).

Today, dozens of Turkish gamers from social media reported that they encountered problems when they tried to renew their subscriptions. There were even those who said that direct membership is not allowed in the posts. However, most claims are based on the company’s membership. extend beyond 2025 It was that he didn’t allow it. never had a problemLet’s not go without adding that there are those who say. So for nownothing definite.

Although Sony has not made an official statement about the restriction, all the incoming information indicates that a restriction may be in place. This means that the friend who bought a 27-year PS Plus subscription in the past weeks actually made a very logical move.

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There is no information yet on how the PS Plus hike will affect Turkey. However, the rise of the dollar rate and the absence of a hike for a long time strengthens the possibility of encountering a price much higher than 35%.

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