Cross a Parisian and ask him what vision he has of transport in the capital? His face will close and he will complain about his choice: traffic jams, delays, bicycles, works, Anne Hidalgo. In short, he will not be in a good mood (surprising for a French?) When you spend, on average, a tenth of your day in transport, there are some annoying subjects.

To appease all this anger, what better than a little musical postcard. This week, “Songs on my funny city” sets down its melodic bags in Paris and studies the place occupied by transport in French song. O surprise! The issues of yesterday are the same as today. Thus, in addition to “walking on the Avenue”, comrade Joe Dassin analyzed the transformations of the capital: “in Paris, by bike, we overtake the cars”.

From the road to the riverboats through a sexual getaway thanks to metro line 2, get on board with Point for a discovery of Paris. In the cast this week: Joe Dassin, Léo Ferré, Alex Beaupain, Alain Souchon or even Yves Montand. But since we don’t want to annoy you, we guarantee you a podcast without scooters!

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The Parisian soundtrack, also to be found on Spotify:

Summer in the City The Lovin’ Spoonful

The rush hour lament – Joe Dassin

Subway – Yves Montand

The puncher of Lilacs – Serge Gainsbourg

Metro, work, sleep – Eddy Mitchell

Subways go, subways come Leo Ferré

Down the line Alex Beaupain

The riverboat Alain Souchon

Bip-bip Joe Dassin