son of Yuri Nikulin about unsuccessful marriages and happiness with Maria

64-year-old Maxim Nikulin spoke about the search for his family happiness. The son of the legendary actor Yuri Nikulin had a hard time parting with his beloved women.


Yuri Vladimirovich was married only once. In 1950, he legalized relations with Tatyana Pokrovskaya and never parted with her. The couple raised their son Maxim, and only death separated them. The stars of the comedy “The Diamond Arm” died in 1997, Tatyana Nikolaevna passed away in 2014. The heir to the famous spouses believes that his parents were lucky.

“I was lucky from the third time, my father from the first – with my mother. This is life, destiny. This is exactly how it develops, ”said Maxim in the program“ The Fate of a Man ”. The first time he got married early. “It was not all over the head in the first union. I didn’t have any experience at the age of 18, so it didn’t work out. We did not last long together. Three years. The wife was from a musical family. We met through my acquaintances, ”explained Nikulin Jr.


His second marriage became more conscious, but Maxim was also very worried about the breakup. “The second approach to the projectile was more serious. My daughter Masha was born. My first child. The breakup and discord with the second wife was more difficult. There I was depressed. Thank God I didn’t drink, I didn’t sit on the needle. I had a complex that marriage is not for me, that I am one of those people who do not need to get married and start a family, ”explained the star son.


Maxim with his third wife Maria, Frame from video

Only the third wife, Maria, could convince him. But Maxim did not immediately accept it. “I just drove her away from me, they say, go away, you and I won’t succeed. I am a hopeless person in this regard. She managed to overcome it in me. And now we have been together for 36 years, ”said the artistic director of the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Maria gave birth to a son from the chosen one, whom she named after her husband.


Nevertheless, he did not communicate with his daughter for 20 years. Yuri Nikulin’s granddaughter became a neurosurgeon and lives with her husband in Munich. Maxim found her email through acquaintances and wrote. “Then she came to Moscow to do a kidney operation. This is her “legacy” from me. I saw her. I was able to hug. We talked on the phone, ”he says.

Nikulin Jr. admitted that he missed the chance to prevent separation from his daughter. Yuri Vladimirovich was also very worried about this. “I could insist, but at some point I showed weakness. For the grandfather in those years it was a great stress that he did not see his granddaughter. My daughter is now a famous neurosurgeon. Cuts other people’s brains. Because of the pandemic, we have not been able to see each other for a year, ”Maxim said.


He is pleased with his daughter’s husband Dominik. Maria twice made Nikulin Jr. a grandfather. “When we met 20 years later, there were no tears. We sat at the table, talked about everyday topics. She told me: “The main thing for me is to see you and hug you.” It’s easier and better to live with. It is right. If there was an offense, then it was forgiven. But we have never discussed this topic, ”added the director of the circus.

The granddaughter of Yuri Nikulin is Maria.  The girl's husband Dominic is nearby

The granddaughter of Yuri Nikulin is Maria. The girl’s husband Dominic is nearby, Frame from video

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