Sometimes a walk in the woods can be more exciting than a trip to Disneyland!  Here are 17 pieces of evidence

Sometimes a walk in the woods can be more exciting than a trip to Disneyland! Here are 17 pieces of evidence

It doesn’t matter how big the forest is and where it is – a simple walk in the middle of it can be a real adventure. The things left in the forest have a kind of special aura. They slowly begin to merge with the surrounding space, and after a while there is a feeling that these things have always been there. The sculptures and objects in the forest are much more impressive than the art galleries. The forest can surprise, intrigue and, of course, scare.

Japanese artist Nagato Iwasaki’s driftwood and branch figures give the impression of fantastic forest spirits

An old steam locomotive forgotten in the middle of a thicket for several decades

This old camera still has film inside

One of Sophia Prestigiacomo’s Land Art sculptures from the Swamp Monsters series. Important not to see this at night!

In a small forest in Sweden, there is a huge boulder, split in two

How this rather rare Jeep J20 got here remains a mystery

It looks like folk art: someone put the head of a toy horse on a branch

Old Volkswagen Cemetery in Pennsylvania (USA). In the 70s, cars of this brand were a cult, and now they are slowly rusting somewhere in the forest

Why would you need a door in the middle of the woods?

Homer Simpson practically merged with nature

“I found such an old steam locomotive in the forest. Surprisingly, it is quite well preserved”

A real estate agent would describe this house like this: a charming estate in the heart of the forest. Near the house is a rock garden and young tree plantations. The windows are decorated with shutters in a rustic style, and the veranda is glazed

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Usually, amateurs take a guitar on a hike, and classical music lovers – a piano

It’s strange to see an old boat in the woods. There are no rivers or lakes nearby

This is a Sulsey forest oak, which in England is called a ‘milk’ oak. This is because in the olden days cows used to be milked under the shade of its branches

Abandoned house in the woods, and the cars are still waiting for their drivers

“Chicken fallen from the nest. Good thing I noticed and lifted him back to his mother!”

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