Something in gaming. Why Medvedev’s gesture at the US Open is no less important than the victory itself

Daniil Medvedev celebrated his victory at the US Open with a reference to the video game FIFA. We explain why this gesture is a message to all of us, and decipher it.

Daniil Medvedev loves gestures.

After defeating Novak Djokovic, he also made a gesture that turned out to be a quote from FIFA from Electronic Arts, in which the tennis player has been playing for a long time.

Here is how he himself commented on the act:

“It was clear that the victory had to be celebrated somehow, but I wanted to do it in a special way. I love playing FIFA, I love playing on the PlayStation. It is called dead fish celebration… If you want to poke fun at your opponent in FIFA, you will often do it. Scored. The score is 5: 0 – and this is also in pursuit.

I spoke to the guys in the locker room once. Young guys, funny. They play FIFA. And they are like, “This is legendary.” Everyone I know who plays FIFA thinks it’s legendary. Well, that’s how I wanted to end. I wanted to do something legendary for myself. Not to get into the newspapers, I don’t care. But I wanted to do something special. To make people laugh, to make my friends who I play FIFA laugh with. So I decided for myself that I would do it. By the way, it was not easy, it was painful to fall on the hard cover. So I hurt myself a little, but I’m glad I made it legendary for myself. “

All this is called the simple word “trolling”. A similar trick is to write to the chat after the match “THIS”Easy, that is, easy. The victory was given to you without any extra especially piss off your rivals who were struggling to defeat you.

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Here you need to understand the context. Daniel could have been prevented by the mighty Sasha Zverev and Stefanos Tsitsipas, the promising Yannick Sinner and the owner of the monstrous supplying power of Riley Opelka, but most importantly – the super-motivated Novak Djokovic, who would have won a record twenty-first Grand Slam Cup and the first in 52 years of men’s history. tennis calendar Grand SlamSimply put, it was necessary to win the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open in one year. Djokovic won the first three and lost to Medvedev at the US Open.… With this victory, Djokovic would forever close the debate about who is the greatest tennis player in history, significantly ahead of his closest competitors – Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

A selection of the best moments from the matches of Medvedev

In general, the discourse of greatness occupies an important place in modern tennis. For example, Federer was asked why he was called GOATGreatest of all time – The greatest (player) of all time.… Or here quote Djokovic that there is no difference between the tennis players of the first hundred in terms of physical capabilities, the only question is who wants to win more.

This approach has often been criticized for being too serious and snobbish by other tennis players. For example, Nick Kyrjos did not apologize to Nadal for hitting him with the ball (“How much money does he have in the bank? You can take the ball on your chest for that”). And one more quote from Kiryos after a lost point: “I played FIFA until 3 in the morning, what do you want from me?”

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The difference with Medvedev, who plays in FIFA, is that at the peak of his career, Kiryos occupied the 13th line of the ATP rating, and now is about to fall out of a hundredbut the approach is similar.

In fact, Medvedev’s gesture in the final is exactly the same fak from 2019, only more elegant and witty, and at the same time backed up by the Grand Slam. This middle finger is directed towards greatness, grandiose fees and grandiloquent phrases about absolute self-sacrifice.

You can be a smart person and think about the beauty of your nails, you can play FIFA (and Fantasy Football!) And win the US Open. Daniel’s message is that he is the same person as you and me: geek without divine ambition, but capable of achieving amazing results in sports.

Feel free to play video games. This does not prevent you from winning the Grand Slam tournament.




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