Not all mining farms are in China and not all are powered by equipment with state-of-the-art graphics cards. The proof is that Ukraine has revealed that it found a mining farm for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with more than 5,000 computers, of which more than 70% were PlayStation 4.

According to the statement from Ukraine, taken up by Vice, 3,800 computers were Sony consoles. The problem in Ukraine is not the cryptocurrency farm, but according to the government the farm was fed by light that was stolen.

The cover image shows some of the consoles. The other image released from the farm is as follows:

According to the Ukrainian security service behind the farm there was a macro operation to steal electricity on a large scale, all in order to feed the 5,000 mining equipment. The trick was in altered electricity meters that did not show the actual energy consumption in the facilities.

The result was evasion of between $ 186,200 to $ 259,300 per month.. It is even claimed that the activity was so demanding that it is likely that it caused spikes in energy demand and left other people without power.

In addition to the 3,800 consoles, more than 500 graphics cards, 50 processors, documents on electricity consumption, as well as telephones and laptops, were secured at the site.

The energy consumption of cryptocurrency farms has become a concern in the segment, particularly in this 2021, with Elon Musk ceasing to accept bitcoin as a bargaining chip for Tesla due to the contaminating potential of crypto operations that make the network operates permanently.

In China just a few weeks ago the rules on energy consumption by farms for cryptocurrencies were tightened, which is causing farms to leave the country and look for other places to settle.

Musk has previously met with some of the most prominent players in cryptocurrency mining, who have ensured him a smooth transition to renewable sources of electricity. By the time the transition happens, Musk has said, Tesla will once again accept bitcoin as a bargaining chip.