Someone built Master Chief’s helmet out of LEGO (and it’s beautiful)

Halo Infinite it is certainly the most talked about release of the moment and has received enthusiastic reactions from both critics and Xbox users.

In fact, the players, who have had the opportunity to have fun with multiplayer for a while, have recently been able to play the campaign of the title that has finally been released in the final version.

Despite everything, however, we know that the game lacks an important component that is not yet present, that is the co-op mode, however 343 Industries has promised that this will also arrive soon.

Fans wasted no time celebrating the return of Master Chief and someone has ventured into a work of art completely of LEGO.

The artist Lewis Meeny, known as built_bricks, has in fact made a LEGO themed helmet Halo based on what Master Chief wears in Halo 3 Legendary Edition.

The helmet is only slightly smaller than life size and is composed of 2787 pieces.

Although it is made of LEGO, the object is not official – you can get instructions on how to make it directly from Bricker Builds via Instagram.

In the post above you can see the construction process of the piece itself and what stands out is certainly the incredible attention to detail such as the removable chip on the back of the helmet and the inevitable Cortana.

While those who want can already try their hand at recreating this fantastic life-size work of art, remember that Halo Infinite it is included in the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass subscription service, so all owners can enjoy the title for free.

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343 Industries among other things is already working to insert all the features most desired by fans into the game, such as the ability to replay missions.

Finally, it seems that there is already a leak that reveals the first DLC of Halo Infinite, in order to expand the story of the single player campaign.

If you want to buy Master Chief’s latest adventure, we recommend that you do it on Amazon via this link.



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