Some treatments for multiple sclerosis would make anti-Covid vaccines ineffective

VACCINATION – One-fifth of multiple sclerosis patients reportedly undergo treatment that makes Covid vaccines ineffective

A vaccine for zero protection? Certain treatments for multiple sclerosis, anti-CD20, would nullify the protection conferred by anti-Covid vaccines while increasing the risks of developing a severe form of the virus. “Patients treated with this class of treatments are both more exposed to severe forms of Covid-19 and risk responding less well to vaccination,” explains neurologist Jean Pelletier, president of the Medico-Scientific Committee of the Arsep Foundation ( Multiple sclerosis research aid).

“Around 20%” of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) take this type of treatment, he says. Either from the start of their illness, or because others have not worked.

Less protection and more serious risks: the double penalty

Rituximab and ocrelizumab: these are the two drugs that seem to cancel the protective effect of vaccines against the coronavirus. The effects that anti-CD20 drugs seem to cause against (…) Read more on 20minutes

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